Picture of me

General spec.

  • Born in 1988 in France
  • Speak English, Norwegian and French
  • Graduated software engineer in 2012


Node.JS – C / C++9 – Kubernetes – AWS – React.JS – C# – REST – ElasticSearch – DevOps – JavaScript – Polymer – And many more…


Software has a meaning when it impacts the real world, that’s why I have always been interested in embedded system and furthermore low-level applications, drivers and sensors development. C language with pinches of assembly do not afraid me, and I love C++!

What are robots made for if they do not communicate with us? My implication in robotics projects lead me to handle several kind of networking architectures: home made TDMA network over high frequencies, unstable 3G or satellite connections as well as perfectly reliable local wired IP networks. I faced several times the question of using third part networking solutions and I did as well as implementing private protocols in order to make data stored, and available as most as possible in real-time.

I have always been involved in industrial sector: ore extraction with mines and quarries, aeronautics, rail industry and finally fish farming in Norway. In all industrial context engineers (aka the final users) like to visualize and work with their data, eventually perform some machine learning. In addition of that, they also need to control their robots or equipment via a monitoring and a control application. That’s how I came to suitable front-end technologies like React.js, Angular and Polymer.

Massive storage and processing of data stresses infrastructures, that’s how arrive availability and reliability troubles. I have been involved in back-end and infrastructure development to make things stables. For this purpose I felt in love with micro-services architectures, REST APIs, Kubernetes and ElasticSearch.

Developing and deploying code on such a system isn’t an easy task without DevOps, especially if we want to keep the system up. Gitlab is a great tool I use to make the testing and deployment phases fluid.

Among all of this, security has always been a strong purpose. That is not something I somewhat enjoy since it costs time without adding functional benefits. As a result of my experiences, that’s precisely why I include security from the very beginning of every projects I am involved in.

In general am fond of everything that does not stands on land. I live to learn, test and discover new things everyday.


Master’s degree in Computer science and communication networks

2009-2012 www.cpe.fr

Specialization: embedded systems software
3 year work-study program at Chemistry Physics Electronics Lyon school

Technology degree in Computer science

2007-2009 www.iut2.upmf-grenoble.fr

Specialization: n-tiers architecture and concurrent programming 2 years degree at Université Pierre Mendès France

And also… Sailing instructor graduation

Feb-June 2019 www.glenans.asso.fr

Become sailing instructor, practice as a volunteer, just for fun. 4 months course at Les Glénans sailing school